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Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith, PT
Physical Therapist and Clinic Owner

Education: Bachelor or Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington in 1975. Certified in Neurodevelopmental Therapy in 1980.

Experience: I have worked 32 years as a pediatric physical therapist in various settings: school districts, Valley Medical Center, in home, and private practice. I established Children's Therapy of Woodinville with a partner in 1989. I am currently the sole owner of the practice and continue to provide physical therapy treatment as well. Over the years I have taken many continuing education courses including: neurodevelopmental therapy, sensory motor integration workshops, lower extremity splinting workshops, kinesiotaping, gait training, therapeutic electrical stimulation.; gait training with the Lite Gait Trainer/treadmill.

Linda Meredith

Approach to Treatment: As a parent, I understand all the demands put on an active family. For families who have children with special needs, the demands are even greater. I strive to help families set realistic goals about what they want for their child and then help them to work towards attaining those goals within the parameters of their everyday life. I provide an eclectic approach to treatment based on my years of experience and knowledge of current treatment concepts.

Family and Outside Interests: My husband and I have two daughters in their early twenties. I love to garden, exercise and travel to interesting places.

Susan Hutchinson

Susan Hutchinson

Susan Hutchinson, MS, PT, IBCLC,CIIM
Physical Therapist and Infant Feeding Specialist

Education: University of Washington: 1982 BA Psychology and Kinesiology, BS in Physical Therapy in 1996 and MS in Rehabilitation Medicine in 2002. Certified Instructor of Infant Massage in 2002; International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2006.

Experience: I have eleven years as a pediatric physical therapist. I have worked in the developmental preschool at the University of Washington with children birth to 6 years of age. I currently work at CHRMC and Evergreen Hospitals in the NICU with infants (and their families) who have developmental, positioning and feeding needs. I have also been working part time at Children's Therapy of Woodinville since 2004.

Susan Hutchinson

Approach to Treatment: Family-centered/relationship focused intervention, involves the parents in sharing information, participation in treatment and collaboration in decision making. I realize that the parent is the expert when it comes to their child. I respect the parent's knowledge and input when developing and implementing a treatment plan for their infant or child.

Areas of Interest: I am interested in several areas regarding infant treatment: feeding and early breastfeeding promotion; motor and social development of former premature infants; educating parents and professionals on the importance of prone play ("tummy time") and its effects on motor development; working to resolve the problems of torticollis and plagiocephaly.

Family and Outside Interests: I have two creative young adults in college. I write poetry and sketch. I like mochas (decaf!) and walking my dog. I like vacations in tropical locales! I am very interested in learning to play golf!

Betsy Kachmarik

Betsy Kachmarik

Betsy Kachmarik, PT
Education: Bachelor of Science and Certificate of Physical Therapy from Ohio State University in 1977. Certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment in 1982; and Neurodevelopmental Baby Treatment in 1984.

Experience: I have spent 29 years working in outpatient pediatric physical therapy with the last 14 years being at Children's Therapy of Woodinville.

Approach to Treatment: I emphasize quality of posture and movement as a foundation for skill acquisition to improve gross motor development. I have attended a wide range of continuing education courses and have an eclectic approach to treatment. I use a variety of modalities including neuromuscular electrical stimulation, kinesiotaping, and partial body weight supported treadmill gait training using the Lite Gait Trainer. I work with parents to find the appropriate modalities and strategies to best meet the needs of their child. I provide parents with education and support to assist their child's progress by integrating home exercises and activities into day-to-day care and play.

Betsy Kachmarik

Areas of Interest: I enjoy working with children with all levels of ability. I feel that lifetime fitness is important for our children and so we work on establishing readiness for recreational activities. I am also very interested in the prevention and treatment of torticollis and plagiocephaly.

Family and Outside Interests: I live in Woodinville with my husband. One of our four sons is still living at home and he keeps us busy along with our new puppy.


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